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Why Coordinated Entry?
  • Helps with minimizing the time that people experience a housing crisis.
  • Better outcomes for clients facing homelessness.
  • Helps with moving clients in and out of the homeless system quickly as possible allowing them to achieve housing stability.
  • Allows each project to contribute to the common effort.
What is Coordinated Entry?

Coordinated Entry is the centralized assessment, prioritization, and referral process for individuals and families who are experiencing homelessness in the Heart of Texas region into available housing programs within the community. Below are the steps of engagement:

  1. Individuals and families are assessed for housing needs by calling the Heart to Home phone line at 254-297-8929, by going to a physical access point, or by a street outreach worker within the community.
  2. The assessor will first determine if the household would be best referred to a Victim Service Provider, referred to Homelessness Prevention Services Provider, or, if homeless, to be assessed and added to the Heart to Home Priority List, a community queue of all people needing homeless housing assistance (not a waitlist into any housing programs). For services through Public Housing Authorities in the Heart of Texas region, please contact them directly as they are required to maintain a separate listing of people in need of public housing and voucher assistance.
  3. Those who are assessed are recommended to call Heart to Home monthly to leave a check-in voice message to notify Heart to Home that they are still in the Heart of Texas region experiencing homelessness and are still in need of housing assistance.
  4. As homeless housing programs have openings, they will pull the next eligible participant from the Heart to Home Priority List based on the Continuum of Care Order of Priority policy, which focuses on pulling the next participant based on need and vulnerability.
  5. Participants will be contacted by the homeless housing program(s), not Heart to Home, if they are found eligible for program entry.

Have more questions about Heart to Home Coordinated Entry? Contact Heart to Home, 254-297-8929.

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