Director of Housing at the Family Abuse Center (FAC), Melissa Ishio, LCSW, MVF-ASW, started attending meetings with the Heart of Texas Homeless Coalition about 6 years ago when she began working with housing programs at FAC. Shortly after attending the monthly meetings, Melissa was elected to the Board.​ We are blessed to have her guidance, dedication and commitment to our mission in the coalition and the community.

Melissa has an extensive background in her field having earned her Bachelor of Social Work, Master of Public Policy and Administration, and Master of Social Work. Melissa puts her degrees to work daily as the Director of Housing at FAC, managing five federally-funded housing programs.

In her current position, her passion to serve clients and make a difference shines through. Under her leadership, the FAC housed 132 domestic survivors, including men women and children, in these five programs last year alone. Melissa’s unique ability to see the big picture and address the smaller issues is one of the many reasons for her success.

Melissa appreciates the opportunity to work with representatives from other agencies through her position on the Heart of Texas Homeless Coalition Board.

“​​​​We are all out there trying to make a difference. Sometimes our work can be discouraging. Sometimes we feel that we are not making enough of a difference. However, working with the HOTHC provides me with a chance to work in conjunction with other agencies. Working together, we can accomplish so much more! We can also share and celebrate each other’s successes,” she said.

Melissa believes that the HOTHC is not only a great peer group, but also a great support group.

“When we have a problem come up at FAC, I know I can always call on someone from the HOTHC. They’ll have good advice for me or refer to someone else who has advice. This group of people is so passionate about the work we are all trying to do! They inspire me!” she said.

​​Outside of work, you can catch Melissa attending her son’s sporting events and pouring time into her faith and her family. Fun fact: her family is bi-racial, bi-national and bi-lingual! Her husband currently lives in Japan, where Melissa would visit if she could travel anywhere in the world. Her favorite food is sushi, her favorite band is Casting Crowns, and her favorite colors are bright.

Melissa’s top book recommendations include three children’s books: The Giving Tree, The Velveteen Rabbit and Everyone Poops.

“Can’t beat those three books for the best life lessons EVER!​​” she said.

Meet Melissa Ishio